About HEUT

Hebei United University

Hebei Union University in Hebei Province is a key university, located in the Bohai Bay, the center of Tangshan City, Hebei Province, is an engineering-based doctors, by, tubes, culture, law multidisciplinary coordinated development of graduate education undergraduate education, college education, student education, continuing education and other school level and type of comprehensive university.

School a hundred years tradition, deep inside. Hebei University, former Hebei Polytechnic University and the North China Coal Medical College, co-founded. Hebei University of Technology by the Tangshan Railway Institute, part of the department and into the establishment transferred to Tianjin University of Mining and Metallurgy (formerly known as the founded in 1895 formed had followed the Tangshan Mining and Metallurgical Institute Institute of Tangshan, Hebei and Metallurgy College, Tangshan Engineering and Technology, Hebei Polytechnic School.

North China Coal Medical College, formerly known as the founded in 1926 , after the liberation of alterations Kailuan Medical College, 1963 approved by the State Council, 1998 between the central and local governments to build. Combination for the realization of the rapid development of 2010 . Heritage of Northern University for the two schools ‘ hard work and simple, down to earth, seeking truth from facts ” of the spirit of scholarship, Tianjin University , ” seeking truth from facts, ” the school of thought, Tangshan Railway Institute rigorous scholarship, study hard, hard work and plain living, seek truth from facts ” excellent ethos and Kailuan ” science rigorous, particularly the fighting spirit of character, has made ??an indelible contribution to the development of higher education in China. Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Wen Jiabao, Premier Zhu Rongji, Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, the party and state leaders as well as many foreign diplomats, domestic and foreign celebrities have come to the school inspection.

School teachers is strong, favorable conditions for running. full-time teachers , , including professors , associate professor of 465 teachers with doctoral degrees 360 the Yanzhao scholars, ” New Century Talents Project ” national candidates, national and provincial outstanding contributions to the experts, enjoy special allowance of the State Council, the New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education, Hebei Province, the cross (new) Century Excellent Talents in 80 pairs recruited Academy of Sciences 13 . There are all types of full-time students .

The campus covers an area of 2300 mu, building area of 100 million square meters of teaching and research equipment worth nearly 3 billion. Built in the province’s first-class language lab, multimedia classrooms, electronic reading room, CAD Center, Computer Center, audio-visual center and network center. Grade A library of the school library in Hebei Province, academic journals to retrieve two consulting stations, collection of 210 million books, electronic books 260 million, with nearly 30 large-scale foreign language database.

School to do science and engineering, medicine, social science journals, at home and abroad have some influence. Schools, hospitals, hospitals of, passed the ISO9001 international quality standard certification, strong technical force, advanced medical equipment.

School subjects set up complete, professional and distinctive features. In school began to recruit graduate, is one of the earliest universities in Hebei Province to carry out postgraduate education, 1998 joint training of doctoral students 2009 years among the ranks of the doctoral degree project construction unit. 75 months a number of second groups of undergraduate admissions professionals, 19 master’s degree authorization level subjects , covering 122 master’s degree programs, four professional degree category, 12 Master of Engineering Degree mandated areas, has the equivalent apply for master degree programs, and recommend outstanding college graduates exemption master’s degree graduate qualifications.

Schools adhere to the place of service and the educational philosophy of the industry, always put the quality of teaching as a lifeline of survival and development, continue to deepen the teaching reform made ??outstanding achievements. In recent years, I worked in the Ministry of Education Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation, Ministry of Education, English major undergraduate teaching assessment, excellent teaching management assessment, adult education assessment and passed the national graduate education conformity assessment, highlighting the whole of society strong school school strength and leaping development capabilities. At the same time, the school continued to enhance the quality of teaching and teaching reform project construction to strengthen the study of educational reform, the national, provincial-level teaching team , excellent course 51 door, Highland undergraduate education innovation , personnel training model innovation pilot area experimental teaching demonstration center , Excellent Teaching Achievement Award .

The school actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation, sponsoring channels continue to expand, expanding areas of cooperation. School is unique in Hebei Province , is the only non-key institutions approved the establishment of the Sino-British cooperation projects ” co-operation between regional University English Teacher Training Center “, – Hungary Medical Forum on China, met with the University of Leeds Massachusetts State University, University of Hokkaido, Japan, Australia, New South Wales University and Yamagata University, Japan Department of Medicine to establish a partnership, joint training of the students, students exchange, teacher exchange visits, research collaboration and academic exchanges to carry out substantive cooperation. School in 2007 , and currently nearly at the school students , the fastest growing university in Hebei Province International Education Development. Relying on student education and international cooperation, increasing the school’s international reputation and influence.